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Address: 206 Newbury Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 266-6200
Review by Katherine
Jessica out of the Orange County office quickly set up an on-site interview at the client location. I promptly followed up with her and she gave me the time and location to meet the client the very next morning! Awesome, right?

Showed up at the client site the following morning early as requested and was denied an interview because Jessica had not sent over my resume copy to the hiring manager soon enough! Embarrassing! Going forward I cannot apply at the company on my own for a full year, I would have to go through Workbridge.

Perhaps Workbridge will still be paid by the client and perhaps they filled the position but in my opinion this is disgraceful! To this day they have not made any attempt at making amends.
Review by Chris K
Worked with Workbridge when I was looking for a change of pace in Chicago. The team was actually very good. They had me send over my resume and set up a meeting with me. During the meeting, they did a really good job trying to get to know me personally and technically.

In the next few days I received several calls from them with potential positions that actually fit my salary, professional, and personal requirements. They matched me up with a great position and I was very happy with the entire process.

I would absolutely use them again if I were looking for a new position.

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