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Address: 7437 Race Road, Hanover, MD 21076
Phone: 888.835.7978
Review by Jack9
Went on 3 interviews through them. Qualified for 2 of the positions. Last job I got through them was my favorite job I've ever had (long term position too).
Review by Oleg Kikin
TEKsystems has been one of the nicest recruiting firms I've worked with. If you're a contract hire, they provide the benefits. I worked with Tina Thomson (who is no longer working for them), she took me out to a couple of lunches, just to keep in touch. It's a great way to keep potential clients.
Review by julie
Place for rude and cocky recruiters and its about their bottom line. The offered compensation was far less than other consulting companies for the same position. Decided to go with other company.
Review by StillUnemployed
They keep trying to get me a job. With the economy currently, employers are being really picky. TEKsystems found me a few jobs and got me two interviews; one went good, one went bad. The one I thought went good was apparently bad and I was not extended an offer. (Nice the interviewer only had a liberal arts degree and one year of tech school and was interviewing me for an IT job).
The nice thing about TEKsystems is that they follow up with the potential employer right away so you don't have to sit and wonder how you did. Basically if the account manager from TEKsystems does not call you, you know you did bad and can try again with another employer. TEKsystems will tell you what you did wrong and how to do better next time (when they call you a few days later after your bomb). I appreciate the support as I try to find a job. One drawback with TEKsystems is that most, if not all, of the jobs are contract to hire. I have not been referred to a direct hire interview yet.
Review by verydisappointed
I was contacted by one of their recruiter to come in for an interview. The interview went great, the recruiter even assisted with polishing up my resume for which I was very thankful. I was scheduled for an interview with a major hospital in NYC and I was excited. On the day of the interview, while at the train station, I became aware of a 1 hour delay into the city, upon hearing that I reached out to my recruiter instantly, through messaging I even provided the delay notification that was on the NJ Transit website. I asked if I can come in later but was told that the hospital has a hectic scheduling and we will have to reschedule. A couple of days later, my recruiter called me to advised that according to his manager, she doesn't think this position will be a good fit for me because of my long commute into the city. I mentioned to my recruiter that thousands of people commute into the city on a daily basis and that I don't think that will be a problem but they decided that that wasn't going to workout. I was given another recruiter's name to be considered for another job at a law firm and that he will call me, well that joker never did, so I called him. He took some information from me and said that he will call me back once he spoke to the employer. So, I am sure by now you know that joker wasn't going to call me. A few days later still no call, so I called him and left a voicemail, he never called me back. So, I called my recruiter and he reached out to the joker, and was told that they decided to go with someone who had experience working for a law firm, even though the position was for a technical analyst, go figure. My recruiter said he will look at a few positions and let me know, weeks went by and so I finally called him, he said he hasn't found anything as yet and will keep me posted. It's been close to a month now and still I haven't heard back from him. So, I am very disappointed at this company, I am disappointed at my recruiter, his manager and the joker (who I figured all along that he would be a joker-very dismissive) just like my recruiter and his manager. They did not try hard enough to get me a job, they wasted my time and they failed at their job, if you can't find someone a job and you are a recruiter, you are failing at what you do for a living, going forward, if you meet with someone be honest with them let them know what their chances are, also promise yourself that if you meet with someone you will try hard to get them a job, and know that if you try, if you try, you sure can. I certainly am hesitant to work for a company like this who are dismissive and does not show any respect for their potential employees who if you think about it are their clients also. To the joker, if someone calls you, call them back it's common business ethics, actually just plain disrespectful not to. Reach out to me I would love to provide names and would love to discuss this, it's just not right when people treat you like this.

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