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Review by Al
I worked with RHT's agent Arj Ugarov from the midtown office during my winter 2008 job hunt. My area is open source IT, Unix some quant stuff. Before I went for an "face-to-face" i did some research and didn't have a definitive opinion of what to expect. Since the company is one of the biggest in the recruiting field, the web is filled with contradicting opinions. My experience, however, was nothing but positive. Skipping ahead, the job I landed was not through them. The place, this may matter to some who've been to some of the dumps, is nice, I would even say trendy. Judging by the number of people all dressed up sitting in the reception, the applicant pool wasn't short (but then again, this is winter of 2008 - who wasn't* looking for a job then?).

To cut the long story short - the guy was professional and knew what he was talking about. There were no technical questions, we just went through my resume and experiences. He had some cards up his sleeve - a couple of insider positions that weren't advertised on monster, dice, etc. Made an account for me on their internal database. The good thing is that since you start working with one of the agents, you can let him know the positions you find online and he will work with the outside companies on getting you an interview. One of the major turn on's with RHT was that I got a feeling that the agent's goal was not to "short sell" you, like some do, but rather to develop a working long term relationship. We keep in touch and Arj is one of the first guys I will talk to once I am on the job market again. Thumbs up!
Review by Pat
Seemed to be good at the beginning. Started out very professionally and not at all like other horror stories I have read about agencies. Actually got me a job very quickly, with what seemed to be some long term perm potential. However, as soon as things started to change at the company where I was working (they had a big loss and are laying off 20% of their work force), things with my RH recruiter changed.

Instead of being sympathetic to my story and talking about how he would start to look around for me, he went on this rant about how important it is for him to be kept in the loop as there will likely be “lots of people looking for job placement help”.

I mean, REALLY? I am going to tell you inside information so you can get more work for yourself – before you tell me how you are going to help me?

Not the brightest bulb on the tree – and I soon left my position for a full time job that I found on my own.
Review by Antnee
I worked with a few agents at RH on a few contract attempts.
Nothing ever came of either position.
The agency has a hard time closing the client from what I have seen.
I found other work on my own before they could get one landed.
To little way to late for me.
Review by Dejected and annoyed
I tried to get an entry level job through Robert Half with a local US Bank office reviewing mortgage loan documents. I have been unemployed for a few months shy of a year but was most recently employed in an office setting for four years. I was contacted by a representative from Robert Half who was sufficiently helpful. After a bit of back and forth emailing, some phone conversations, and a Skype interview, I was told US Bank wanted to have me in for an interview. I felt very confident in my prospects at this point and agreed to the interview. The Robert Half recruiter advised me to print off edited copies of my resume(the RH rep added a few lines and moved a couple items around) and said to make sure I wear a suit and tie to the interview which was to be held less than 48 hours later. After a bit of a scramble to get everything together I headed to the interview confident in my prospects. The interview lasted literally five minutes. The gentlemen who interviewed before me was still in the lobby and said they were very brief with him as well. I took this to be a good thing as I had found out they were hiring between 5-10 people. The person that interviewed me said I would be informed of their decision the following week. I still felt confident in my prospects at this point as I felt I did a good job handling the rapid fire interview questions and was a great match for the position considering the work-related strengths I emphasized were traits that the interviewer said would be needed for the position. After the interview I called to let the Robert Half rep know how thing went and he sounded confident. The next day at exactly 6pm(the time the RH office closes) I was told I didn't get the job in an email. I received no feedback or any clue as to why I wasn't getting the job. I am very disappointed in how this played out. Being unemployed and lacking a regular source of income, the money I spent on clothes, resume re-prints, and gas could have gone towards far more productive aspects of my job search. I applied for this position two months ago, followed up with no response, gave up and was contacted by Robert Half out of the blue for this opportunity.

This whole situation has really crushed my confidence. I can accept not getting the position but to be brushed off without any feedback or reasoning less than 24 hours after a good interview really sucks. I found it very insulting that the Robert Half rep couldn't even bother to call me and let me know the decision, let alone give me a reason why I wasn't hired or some constructive feedback on bettering my chances of finding something moving forward. He sent the email and left for the weekend while I sit here out $100 sorely missed, scratching my head over how I went from what seemed to be a sure thing to back at square one. The only two things I can think of that would have worked against me is the extended period of unemployment I've been in and the fact that US Bank and/or Robert Half insisted I provide them with supervisor references only.

My most recent employer, with the help of my supervisor at the time, decided to fire me after making grave misrepresentations during a yearly review. Without being told, I had been placed on a probationary period after my supervisor told me I just wouldn't be getting a raise at the time of the review but the issue would be revisited after 90 days. I was led to believe I wasn't getting a raise, not that my job was in jeopardy or that I was on some sort of probation. I easily won my unemployment claim, which my former employer contested but never bothered to attend the over-the-phone hearing to tell their side of what happened. It's pretty clear to me that some of my former supervisors aren't above petty acts and I have no doubt they would have been very negative if contacted. I provided Robert Half with other, non-supervisor, references. Former supervisors have too much potential for negative bias and it would be a shame if one of the deciding factors in me not getting the job with US Bank was because I was forced to provide a reference that wasn't in the best interests of my job search.

Unless I get some answers from the Robert Half rep on Monday that clears things up, I would not work with them again. As it stands, I would have been better off if they never contacted me. Their job is to help get me a job and they failed me miserably as far as I'm concerned.

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