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Review by Johnnyboy
Have been in contact with several executive recruiters and had best luck with Kathy Barnes so far. It seems she always has a few decent senior level IT positions in finance up her sleeve. By "decent" i mean a position that is not a 10th repost from the origin to an array like: @(indeed monster, hotjobs, dice, etc). Enjoyed working with Kathy and would recommend dealing with her company overall: or 212.643.3100
Review by Alex K
Kathy Barnett is the person i worked with. She is a good recruiter. Realistic and knowledgeable, she had known about new positions coming out before other recruiters, giving me an advantage in the job search. I highly recommend Kathy. Oh, and this based in NY, NY.
Review by Bruce K
They focus on quantity not qulaity. Definitely not a place that you should associate with for insight and guidance beyond match making. Recruiters dont have time, and they have an assembly-line mentality in how they treat candidates through selection and interview pipeline. Recruiters here are always "on conference calls", call-screen heavily even when you have their "direct line", never mind if you are an hour to go for an interview that is already scheduled. One recruiter, Glen didnt even have time to listen to my feedback on how the interview went. Another recruite, Mark, was even worse, frnakly. You will feel like trash...but this is one of the long standing and successful companies in the NY area, and they know it. They have a large bench of candidates. Good folks from the 90s are mostly gone. I've worked with Glen Lavender lately. Steve Young has no time to return your calls anymore; it's a buyer's market out there. Good place for tech types and line managers mostly.
Review by Alton Crooks
I received this message from a Kathy Barnett, VP at OST being sent to Steven Young, Owner of OST. I am sure that it was accidentally sent to me via BccI felt that you would be interested.

Kathy Barnett Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 1:09 PM
As I was driving from Darien the other day, I passed by a group of spics and niggers and it reminded me how glad
I am that you fired them from the company. Open Systems Technologies is a much better place without them.

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