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Reviews of Lisa Winkler, D.I.G. Invested, Inc.

Review by fs288
Very impressed with Lisa Winkler at D.I.G. Invested. This is a fairly new start up, Lisa told me shes had her own company for about a year now after working in the industry for over a decade. I have to say that she really has a great approach to recruiting. She found me through a contact at the IFT and when she called I was not looking for a new job, but after talking with her for about twenty minutes she had me not only interested in the position, but wanting it and wanting to work with her. She is very thorough and very good at what she does. She negotiated a fantastic rate, more than I expected. Overall, a completely positive experience. Ive recommended Lisa to several of my colleagues within the food science industry and will continue to do so. She is fantastic.

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