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Review by Sr Java Eng
Kirk is in a different class by himself. Not only does he understand your career and your desires, when he presents a company, he presents the people in a way that gives you an accurate picture of the team, what they have done, the financials of the company, and how I can grow my career there. His insight into the career of a software engineer and his encyclopedic knowledge of the silicon valley players makes him not only the most trustworthy recruiter, but someone to whom I can ask for career advice. Kirk has been doing this for so long and his goal is to be a long term recruiter for you. He's not only placed many of my colleagues but he's placed some multiple times. He is also easy to work with - he had no qualms about me not picking his company in my last round whereas some recruiters got really angry and did not want to work with me again. This is a completely different approach from the other recruiters who try to push you into anything that pays. I am hoping Kirk can be my recruiter for the rest of my career.

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