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Review by salaryhunter
Have been working with ITAccel (, tel 212.564.2200) lately and have had great luck with Dan Irizarry. Very professional and personable recruiter. Great delivery and attention to what his client's are looking for. NOT one of those guys who would try to short-sell you to a lower-paying position and pocket the commission. Dan is highly recommended when it comes to job search in IT. Five stars.
Review by Alex M
"salaryhunter" could not have said it better. IT Accel is The company who set the standard in the technical recruiting industry - both on a personal and professional level. The most exciting places i interviewed at - were introduced by Dan Irizarry and Charlie Miller. Their connections allowed me to really take a good look at what it is that I am really looking for in my next job. ITAccel is a company that invests time and effort into their candidates and develops a long lasting collaboration. Unlike some companies that try to place a candidate into a first suitable position, these guys help you to challenge yourself to become better at what you do and grow as a professional. They have been an exemplary recruiting firm throughout my whole cycle of job search. From leveraging their connections in the field to salary negotiations. Out of all the loud-name-companies that I have worked with - ITAccel is the best.
Review by 9to5er
These guys are solid - got an IT position at a trading firm with them. They keep in touch as well. Highly recommended.
Review by Robert
They have the human touch that is missing in so many organizations like this. I have known Kristina for years. She has always been helpful from both sides of an opportunity. Never a hard sell and always thoughtful. Recently, I wanted a specific position that she was networked to. She made an introduction without any compensation. Her only comment was we need to get you a job!!!

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