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Review by kernelpanic
Good experience with Grady Levkov. I worked with Peter Isaacs primarily. Target - a rather senior level position in IT, specializing in open source technologies, kernel hacking, server side programming as well as tuning and performance optimization. The process of verifying my credentials was taken pretty seriously, I'd say more seriously than the majority of other recruiting places. Can't remember now if there were any actual technical questions, there was no face-face (hello time-saving!) but the phone communication, discussion of qualifications and past salaries was very detailed and intense. To me it looked like they may be working with some serious clients and don't want to compromise their working relationships by sending a weak/unverified candidate for an interview. Unfortunately, there was not much of feedback after the interview with the actual client. Although, later on their agent contacted me on LinkedIn again. During the interview (big financial company) I came to conclusion they needed someone with slightly different skill set (concentration of server side programming). I looked up Grady Levkov info online, the description coincides with my impressions - a smaller and perhaps more selective group that specializes on higher rank jobs. They don't have too much presence online, so I hope this post helps someone. Oh, forgot to mention - the job I interviewed for through them was not listed in the usual online sources - I liked that.
Review by ddulai
Troy Grady and his team have placed me and many of my friends, numerous times since the mid 90s. They took time to learn what I was looking for and have never bothered me with anything but the best possible placements. I have and will continue to recommend them.

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