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Address: 42 Discovery, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 866.421.0200
Fax: 949.885.5150
Review by Oleg
I've never dealt with cybercoders, but, for some reason, I get tons of spam from them. My hotmail spam folder is full of their "job alerts", most of them are completely irrelevant to what I do.
Review by Slo Loris
Review by Used their site once years ago
Had a saved job search with them years ago and they've spammed for years with every new product or site they have. Just got spammed again today to join their CareerBliss site. Never asked to get marketing mail, never left a "hey send me lots of crap" box checked, never see an unsubscribe link in emails.

Avoid them unless you like spam.
Review by Vaibhav Khandelwal
I get too many job alerts emails from Cybercoders. Most of them are unrelated to what I am working on.
Review by Mr Jobhunter
Heather Olmstead is awesome. She demonstrated great dedication, diligence and worked very hard on getting the interviews. Made sure to give heads up before the interview regarding possible topics and was always there to follow up. She is an excellent communicator and has a great easy going attitude. I highly recommend her if you are in the Bay area!
Review by Max
They're terrible at communicating.

Having sent in my resume for a couple of positions that might actually be a good fit, I heard nothing for months. Then I suddenly start getting the spammy e-mail from them for opening that aren't even in the ballpark, technically and/or salary-wise.
Review by Mr Me
They are horrible with email spam - constantly sending job reports that don't even match me. I finally put them in my junk/spam email filter.
Plus, something seems fishy about how nearly every email comes from a different name.
Review by Jobseeker
Never worked for me...crap. They don't have any real jobs.
Review by SEO EXPERT
Careerbuilder and other job forums are full of their fake job postings. I applied to many jobs that are perfect fit for me but never once heard back from them. Sometimes I get an email that I am not chosen and I should go on their website to find other jobs. Never gotten one interview out of applying to any jobs from CyberCoders. They collect data and selling them. They might have some jobs but not those great sounding ones that you want to apply for. Don't bother applying to their job postings unless you like to waste your time. What worked me so far is Craigslist. 90% of my interviews or responses are coming from there.
Review by Disappointed job hunter
My experience is the same as many others similar to SEO Expert, lots of job posts, never any responses even matching my skill set well, lots of spam. Huge waste of time.
Review by Annoyed
Extremely poor communications.

Recruiter submitted me to a company and made 0 contact with me for a couple of weeks. Then suddenly there was a mad rush to get a phone interview set up. Again 0 contact until I got a Christmas email asking how things were at the company?????? I did a phone interview which is a long way from working there. He went on to ask me to keep him in mind for future hires!

A couple of weeks later I emailed him to find out why I had not heard anything back. This is useful information in a job search so you know if the reason was technical or interview related. He had no feedback for me whatsoever.

Horrible recruiting firm.
Review by Louis E qst
Review by Alain dpa

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