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Review by Raul
This is the stupidest company I have ever worked with. They are the primary vendors for Fannie Mae in VA area. They do get many positions but these recruiters are so stupid that they cannot get you an interview. None of the managers working there does not know how to interact with the consultants. Once we submit the resume to them then there will be no response from them either on phone or on mail. And I recently heard that Fannie Mae kicked out these people from their vendor list.
Review by wilson
CFO should have retained clients as the primary goals. Someone has to be responsible for it if the company revenue was going down because of being kicked out by client from the vendor list. The CFO should let go along with the manager as well.
Review by Walker
What a shame! Incompetence and lack of skill! Whoever is hiring CFO or account manager shall pay close attention of what these guys can bring in to the table. If they can’t build reputation and meet the target of generating revenue for the company it would be a huge expense and a big mistake for having these guys on the company’s payroll.

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