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Review by Linuxoid
Communicated with Joe Zito from AGS. Recruiter is a smaller company located in NJ. They do request an on-site visit before they start working with you, which is not always convenient. Get ready to hear some basic technical questions during the phone screening. Sounds like they take relationships with their client companies seriously - heard about the owner taking the new client out for lunch. Interviewed through them with one of the tech companies in NYC. The communication died off pretty quickly after an unsuccessful second-round interview. Last time I checked on monster i didn't see any positions listed under their name.
Review by NYCbound
Liz at this company found my resume online and called me - citing "several possible roles in which to place you".

As previous reviewer mentioned, AGS insists on face to face. So I took the train from NYC to Morristown NJ. Then a "short" cab ride to Parsippany. $32 one way cab with tip.

Got to AGS and they gave me forms to fill out before meeting. Forms asked the same stuff that was on my resume. Annoying.

Then came the shocker. There was language that gave AGS the right to charge me 30% of the fee if I left a job before 120 days. Even though I would have no intention of leaving a company thus soon, how is it my responsibility to cover some of their non-recoverable fee in the event I need to leave beffore 120 days?

I have done business with a lot of recruiters over the years and have never seen anything like this. I told them so and signed the agreement after crossing out this language. Liz needed to talk to the boss. Boss insisted on the language staying in.

So I left immediately. $32 return cab ride to the train.

My bad. I should have done more discovery before blowing $100 on this useless trip.

Beware of this company!

You should not have to sign your life away before talking to a recruiter!

Get paperwork in advance!

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