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Address: 15 Broad Street, Suite 1024, New York, NY 10005
Phone: 212-488-1595
Review by anonymous
Communicated with “Andiamo Partners” for a couple of months in late 2008. Looks like it’s a larger than average recruiter company. They usually have a few ads on and The agent was flexible enough to meet half way between his office and my house. Unusual practice, thumbs up for that. Agent kept up the communication, but the market fall made an impact on the listings, same way as on everybody’s else. Overall - pleasant experience.
Review by Melania
Andiamo Partners are legit and overall, I had a positive experience with them. They did not place me, but did get me an interview with one reputable company. However, there were was one thing that occurred that I did not like. My recruiter asked me to write a positive review for him on LinkedIn. I looked at his profile after he made his request and it was filled with reviews from people like myself who were not actually placed by him. My thought on reviews of this nature is that they should not be solicited unless you have achieved success in being placed.

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