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Review by Prajal
I just got in touch with these company. It seems to be a another regular blood sucking consultancy. One of my friend asked them if they can apply for H1 they took her interview and said she does qualify and asked for $2570. Actual H1B fees are 2370 and 200 for processing and when she asked about package they said we can decide it later after H1 approval and when she forced they said we can offer only 55k. So at the end of the day, you pay all money for H1, if it gets approve they earn money and if it gets rejected you loose all those money. They do not even send you any email mentioning that you have given deposit amount. (I would not surprise if they just take your money and stop responding to you or give you some other persons EAC no). When my friend asked if they are going to show any client letter to USCIS, they said no we are the employer our latter would be enough. It seems they are not even aware about new immigration rules. I advise do not fall into such trip $2500 is a BIG amount so be careful of such frauds.
Review by XYZ
I don't know man whom you talking to but they are very professional and they do provide the receipt letter for your Application deposit. And I want to ask you one question If the company pays your sponsorship what is the guarantee that you will join them. May be you ditch them once you get your visa. Ok, there is no gap in between where they are going to make money. I applied from them and they have explained me with full detail about the whole process. May be your friend have some hearing problem. I am working with them and I have no problems with them.

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