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Review of TopTech Ventures by Anonymous:
I can echo almost all of the experiences above. I can say that while it may be nice to have a recruiter who calls instead of emails, if that's your preference, I also had a bit of a mixup when their recruiter called for my availability, and then booked something on my calendar without confirmatio...
Review of Corporate Executive Board by PauloCappy:
The small but deep puncture wounds arehardto thoroughly clean and tend ... What’s up,I read your blogs named “I Learned How to TreatCatBites— After I the hand can caus serious infections, Mayo andbitesare paifnul and can easily become infected. Other Behavior Problems to Rule Out....
Review of Robert Half Technology by Dejected and annoyed:
I tried to get an entry level job through Robert Half with a local US Bank office reviewing mortgage loan documents. I have been unemployed for a few months shy of a year but was most recently employed in an office setting for four years. I was contacted by a representative from Robert Half who was ...
Review of TopTech Ventures by Anonymous:
I don't recommend TopTech Ventures. They need to get their act together. Instead of emailing you the roles that are available, they call you at random time during the day (i.e. 5 AM, 7 PM, 9:30 PM) -- not even during office hours --, ask you if you're interested at this company without giving yo...

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